Disadvantage Using Flexible Duct

Disadvantage Using Flexible Duct

Flexible Duct

This post is a study on what is flexible ducting and why is it advisable not to use it .

Flexible Duct

First let us know what is flexible duct. Generally it has the same purpose as other types of ducting, which is to deliver air. Flexible duct are made of plastic and iron rings. It comes with insulation which varies with manufacturer. It is also are cheaper compared to metal ducting.

Why people use it?

There are some benefits from using flexible ducting. That’s why it was used in the first place. Some of the benefits are:

  1. Cheaper Than Conventional Ducting
  2. Come With Insulation
  3. Easy To Install
  4. Can Bend To Reach Restricted Space

Problem in flexible duct

Even with the benefits of flexible duct stated above, the problem of it still topple the advantage.  Here we have listed 5 top disadvantages of using flexible duct


Low Durability (short term)

It's easy to be damage while installation process if rip it or by stepping on it. There are also many cases where there's a mouse/wild animal eat through it. *watch the video above*

Easy To Fold

Flexible Duct are easily folded, making people tend to use it more than needed. This will result in air have to travel greater distance and exposed to more surface area that end with high pressure loss.

Without careful installation, the duct can be choked by the strap and restrict the airflow and insulation

Low Durability (long term)

Due to it being a very thin product, after a few years it can become brittle and easily break. This may put building owner at risk of replacing it a few times

High Airflow Loss

Has a high airflow loss around 10%-20%. Need to be stretch properly or will create a lot of airflow loss by the compression of the duct. The iron rings in the duct create more friction when not stretch properly.

Bad Outlook

This is one of the major problem with flexible duct. Building owner sometimes paint it to hide the duct, but after some times the paint will flake and peel off.


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