Lifespan And Warranty

What is the service-life duration of Prihoda Fabric Ducts?

This is not a short term solution. Diffusers made from good quality fabrics will last for fifteen years or longer. Light fabrics (PLS, NLS, approx. 100 g/m2) with maximum permitted number of 50 washing procedure or the cheap, (usually polyethylene Foils (NLF) susceptible to tearing) may have limited durability.

Warranty period

We provide the following warranty period:

Customized textile diffusers and ducting designated for buildings (apart from the parts specified under Points 2 and 3)

A) 20 years

Fabrics: Prihoda Classic (PMS, NMS), Prihoda Premium (PMI, NMI), Prihoda Recycled (PMSre, NMSre) – including Prihoda Art – Prihoda Durable (NMR)

B) 5 years

Fabrics: Prihoda Plastic (NMF),Prihoda Light (PLS,NLS), including Prihoda Art

C) 2 years

Fabrics: Prihoda Foil (NLF), Prihoda Glass (NHE), Prihoda Translucent (NMT)

D) 1 year

Other than the specified fabrics – graphics other than Prihoda Art

2) Serial and special products and parts

2 years

QuieTex, Lantern, Squairetex, Membrane diffuser, Insulated duct, Double ducting, Fabric Shutter, Equalizers, Damper, Beat Absorber, LucentAir, Airport Ducting, Antistatic Design

3) Non-fabric accessories

5 years

Servomotors, Velcro, Zippers, Arcs, Tyres, Helix, Tensioners, Manually operated flap, Winches, Mounting material

Warranty conditions:

The warranty periods for individual products are written into the table which constitutes an annex to these Terms and Conditions. The warranty period commences on the date of delivery of the goods. The warranty is conditional on adherence to all provided instructions for installation and maintenance and adherence to the general principles of maintenance of air‐treatment equipment and the filtering of supply air, minimum EU3. Irrespective of the level of filtering used, impurities from the distributed air might gradually clog the micro‐perforation openings. Any reduction in the through‐flow and function of the outlet for this reason is not a ground for a warranty claim and is resolved by washing the outlet. Significant soiling could lead to damage to the fabric or connected structures by excessive overpressure and in such case a warranty claim shall not be recognised. The product may not be exposed to the effects of substances which could chemically impair it. Dripping water might be coloured by the fabric dye.

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