Case Study

An Nur Mosque Temasya Glenmarie, Selangor

An Nur Mosque is located in Temasya Glenmarie, Selangor. The mosque, which was built on 9th December 2014, was inaugurated by DYMM Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, on 2nd June 2017. The mosque’s design features a modern contemporary Islamic style. It can accommodate up to 2,500 worshippers at one time. The mosque has a large, open space, and its walls are made of glass, which can generate a significant amount of heat. Without adequate ventilation, this heat accumulates, and the prayer hall can quickly become uncomfortably warm and stuffy, impacting prayer times.

To enhance comfort at An Nur Mosque, Prihoda designed an extensive fabric duct system to meet these requirements. Due to the high ceilings, we strategically positioned the fabric ducts relatively low and close to the occupied zone, ensuring precise delivery of air where needed. Our team decided to install half-round-shaped fabric ducts attached to the wall with big nozzles directed towards the occupied zone. Prihoda big nozzles can provide a longer throw distance, helping to distribute air more evenly across the prayer hall. Additionally, Prihoda big nozzles can serve as an air curtain near a doorway to create a barrier between two different environments. The air curtain helps to maintain the prayer hall temperature by preventing heat gain in hot weather. This is especially useful near entrances where the door opens frequently.

Available airflow: 34,774 cfm
Diameter: H700, H800, H850
Length of diffusers: 142 m
Material: PMS 
Color : Standard Color (White)

34,774 CFM

of air passes through our diffusers

142 m

of diffusers have been installed

100 Pa

pressure is harbored in our diffusers

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