Yes, you will get COMMISSION from Prihoda with the POWER OF MOUTH


Program to dispel consumer’s doubts to use Prihoda fabric duct by promote to your friend.

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You have to LIMIT your daily expenses because the salary you earn is not enough to make future savings?

Your salary have been DEDUCTED for the survival of your company due to Covid-19 pandemic?

manager-fired_1098-12658 (1)

Are you UNEMPLOYED after being fired immediately because the company can no longer afford to hire you?

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You are INTERESTED with fabric duct technology but don’t know how to describe with friends?

Terms & Conditions

The Referral Program offered by Prihoda Malaysia Sdn Bhd has been created to reward you, our loyal Member for recommending us to friends and family who interested to use Prihoda fabric duct as one of their air conditioning system. It was also created to reward your friends and family for listening to your great advice in referring us, by offering them values and benefits with Prihoda fabric duct technology that will benefit them in the future.

How the program works ?

An Authorized Referral occurs when :

The Referrer, a current client of Prihoda Malaysia or our beloved followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Youtube channel register with our Referral Program.

The Referrer is agreed with the terms & conditions made by Prihoda Malaysia without hesitation.

When the Referred client agreed to use Prihoda fabric duct and the project has awarded to Prihoda Malaysia, the Referrer will receive a referral reward.


Prihoda Malaysia reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to prohibit any Member from participating in any aspect of the Program if Prihoda Malaysia deems or suspects that such Member/Authorised Referral has engaged in or has attempted to engage in any of the following:

Acting in violation of these Program Terms & Conditions.

Any inappropriate, uncooperative, unusual activity like cheating, bribery and any corruption occurs to get the certain project by abuse their own authority, their Authorised Referral will be terminated immediately. Prihoda Malaysia will not will not be responsible for any corrupt activities made by Authorised Referral or their Referred members.



By participating in the Program, you agree to and are bound by the Program Terms and Conditions. If you do not wish to agree to and abide by the Program Terms and Conditions in their entirety, you are not authorized to participate in the Program.


Prihoda Malaysia may, in its sole and absolute discretion, cancel, change, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Program or Program Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice. Prihoda Malaysia may, in its sole and absolute discretion, terminate or suspend any Member’s participation in the Program for breach of these Program Terms and Conditions or taking any actions that are inconsistent with the intent of these Program Terms and Conditions.


Participants agree to defend, and hold Prihoda Malaysia and its representatives against any and all third party claims, arising from, or related to any breach by the participant of any of these Program Terms and Conditions or any violation by Participant of applicable law.


RESERVED RIGHT : Prihoda Malaysia reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Program should it determine, in its sole discretion, that the administration, security, or fairness of the Program has been compromised in any way.

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