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Roughly estimate around 10% lower than conventional metal duct, complete supply and install. Bigger the project, more saving on fabric duct cost up to 30%.

Normally, rat live above ceiling while fabric duct was installed below ceiling. So far after 6 years of operation with more than 200 project references, there are no complaint/cases about fabric duct bitten by rat. 

Fabric duct is made from permeable material that allows small amount of air being diffuse through the fabric surface. It will create cool blanket insulation. There are no space for humid air to attach to fabric surface and form condensation.

Yes, nothing seems impossible until it is done. We have more than 10 project references for office/resident.

Fabric duct is a combination of ducting & diffuser that will increase discharge area of cool air while conventional metal duct is more to spot cooling.

Fabric duct design and layout a bit simpler and less branches/fitting. The cool air from AC system will blow until the end of duct like a balloon before being distributes to the conditioned room/space. So that, the amount of airflow discharge is same along the fabric duct. 

Depends on airflow of Fan Coil Unit (FCU)/Air Handling Unit (AHU)

Fabric duct main function is to distribute cool air from AC system evenly, based on the setting temperature. The cooling performance is measure based on heat load calculation either it is correct or wrong. 

Minimum ESP is 0.3 in.w.g depends on length and friction loss of fabric duct. 

Up to 15 to 20 meters horizontally.

Yes, it can be burn, but Prihoda fabric duct is certified to European standard EN 13501-1 with excellent result. In that test, or fabric duct achieves B-s1, d0 classification, which means prevention of spread of fire, minimum smoke production and no burning drops. 

It carries 2 function which are ducting and diffuser. So that, fabric duct need to be exposed below ceiling to distribute cool air from AC system to conditioned room. 

Depends on length, branches and type of fabric, but normally less than conventional metal duct.

Yes, it can have branch and fitting.

To increase cooling effect, achieve human thermal comfort of consumer rapidly and decrease cooling cooling capacity of AC system at once.

PLS is slightly lighter and thicker than PMS. PLS lower price is balanced with shorter warranty and life time. Compared to PMS, PLS materials are easy to wear out by washing and they will not last more than 50 washing cycles.

If it causes by manufacturer defect, we will replace with the new one and 10-years warranty will be applied. If made by user, the cheapest way is to paste the torn/damaged area with our patch kit. For the worse case, the damaged section is change with new section. 

80% lesser installation time than conventional metal duct because fabric duct is lighter, easy to install and does not require a lot of manpower.

Up to 3 until 5 weeks.

10 years warranty for PMS while 3 years warranty for PLS.

Once/twice a year. Depends on the environment/daily usage.

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