Almost every application can benefit from fabric ducting, and each duct is specially made for each different location. As you might expect, this implies that we develop systems for a really broad range of applications. We also have a lot more experience, so we know pretty well what kind of design detail is necessary in each industry.

There are much we have experienced in our more than 13 years of designing more than 400 project and specifying fabric ducting systems, and ideally we can leverage this knowledge to ensure we’re developing the right system for your project.

Special software

Technical Software

We can create systems that exactly suit any application using our custom in-house Prihoda design software. In addition to air distribution, we analyse each design’s velocity, pressure drop, noise, and vibration.

The knowledge we can contribute regarding suitable forms, inlet sizes and positions, and various suspension techniques is also crucial. We want to make sure that your systems are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

We may offer our own in-house CFD design solution using market-leading Fluent Ansys design software in addition to our own programme and the information it delivers. This is usually for projects where an additional level of confidence is required prior to proceeding and we charge an hourly rate to cover the cost of the licences required to be able to offer this service.


Flow Profile

We know how to use the several diffusers we have at our disposal to generate mixed or displacement air patterns, varied air throw lengths, and how we may impact the temperature and velocity of the occupied zone by using pressure, entrainment values, and delta t. (temperature difference).

All of this information, including a description, technical drawings, airflow graphics, and noise statistics, is provided to our customers in the technical files that are included to our estimates.

By including all of the technical and visual information required to confirm suitability with the application criteria, we strive to make sure the receiver is at ease and confident in the quotation and design that has been chosen.