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Advantages of Fabric Duct

Fabric air ducts are not a recent development in ACMV (Air Conditioning & Mechanical Ventilation). Fabric air ducts are a common component utilized today all over the world. It offers significant gains in thermal comfort, energy efficiency, and productivity.

Three primary advantages of fabric duct,
Improved comfort, energy efficiency, and a significant decrease in labour costs associated with system installation work (up to an 80% reduction in working hours).

Furthermore, Prihoda Malaysia’s fabric is only 0.30 millimetres thickness. As a result, this Prihoda fabric is lightweight and convenient for installation and maintenance tasks.


The usage of aluminium rail-style fabric hangers is something that Prihoda suggests for a variety of installations that focus neatness and elegance, particularly in offices, rooms, mosques, and other places.

Unlike the usual that only uses cables. Cables are frequently utilised in factories and other enterprises.

Contractors can cut installation time by up to 80% because to this quick and dependable installation, and the system’s lightweight qualities enable installation on any ceiling (including plaster ceiling).


In addition, Prihoda provides a round coil or called Reinforcing tires (Ring) to maintain the round shape of the fabric.


Next, Prihoda Malaysia offers services from A-Z, and our knowledgeable staff will assist you in creating the right sketches and ideas as well as provide technical advice for installation work.



For a clearer understanding, Prihoda also provides a variety of interesting design options of fabric duct and provides design infographics in 3D Photoshop for a clearer picture.

Energy Efficiency

Fabric mains systems should be custom designed with the help of local suppliers who understand the energy efficiency and performance goals of the project. If properly designed, fabric ducts can operate at low static pressures compared to steel duct systems.

This has resulted in energy savings of up to 25%, because the AHU/FCU fan motor does not have to work as hard to push air through the air duct system. What’s great about Prihoda is that we have software or applications that can help designers to design fabric air ducts more accurately and easily.

Through the software, which is called Air Tailor Design (TAD), our designers can make a detailed sketch of the shape to ensure several key factors in designing an air duct. Among them are the air velocity distributed, the desired air flow direction and the noise level resulting from the fabric.

Better Comfort

Fabric ducts specially designed to ensure that the air duct system remains optimal in air distribution throughout the space. This allows the designer to accommodate any requirements such as temperature and air velocity to produce a good indoor environment.

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