Fabric Ducting In Indoor Farming

We are pleased to introduce our innovative indoor farming concept – Prihoda Malaysia fabric ducting and diffuser. With the expertise in air distribution system, the knowledge and experience have helped us established Prihoda Fabric Duct, a company with many years of experience as a global supplier for textile-based ventilation, with the goal of becoming air distribution specialist that can deliver an energy-efficient for air distribution in indoor farming facilities.

All grow factors must interact to get the best results in order to generate a decent return on investment. We do not construct entire indoor farms; instead, we supply Prihoda Fabric Duct that is specially focus for air distribution from a ventilator or air handler in all kinds of grow facilities. Additionally, we help you plan, calculate, and record the air distribution inside the racks.

Our solution is uniquely designed textile duct in either permeable or non-permeable polyester material tailored to fit the specific requirements in terms of ventilation, cooling, or heating. Our grow mission is not just providing a high quality product which delivered on-time, but also to design a solution that meets all expectations specified for a good microclimate.

With our own weaving factory and as the exclusive supplier of fabric ducting solutions globally, we guarantee high-quality goods. Weaving is a skill we have, and we only produce materials for fabric duct ventilation. We have very strict requirements for our yarn suppliers, and we regulate all of the raw components to get the greatest permeability on the market.

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