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“We not doing business just to make more money, but we make more money to help Malaysian SAVE their money!”



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Hey, What’s up? Here’s Mr. Lee Wee Pin and Mr. Mazlan as the Co-Founder of Prihoda Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Prihoda Malaysia is a Sole Distributor PRIHODA Fabric Ducting in Malaysia.

We are among one of the 65 PRIHODA representative around the world. We are very BIG Family.


Prihoda 2016 Distributor meeting at Snezka, Czech Rep.



Corporate Video


Hiking Snezka Mountain


With Mr. Prihoda & Indonesia representative.


With Representative  from Turkey, Czech, Denmark, Switzerland, Russia, Philippine.



Sharing good information among Representatives


With Representative from turkey


Our Vision is to help Malaysian save Million of Ringgit every Year cause by bad air distribution system.



If you ever asked yourself :

  • Why my Proposal of Centralized Air-Cond (AHU) not perform well?

  • How to make my cooling space even temperature distribution?

  • Where to find skills & cheap Air-Conditioning ducting installer?

  • What are the solution to save Air-Conditioning initial cost & running cost?

  • How to make my Client happy with building that i make?

  • How to ensure my space is really comfort?

  • How to save cost for new air-conditioning system?

  • Why so big cooling capacity but still not cooling down the space?

Or if you’re looking for the solution for all the question..

You’re in the RIGHT place !


Our Specialty

“Our Specialty is to help mechanical Consultant, Building Owner, Contractor to ensure Real Comfort Cooling Solution, Save Initial Running Cost and Save installation time.

This simply because the conventional system quite difficult to distribute cool air evenly, Required bigger cooling capacity, and heavy contribute to longer time to install.

While with fabric ducting solutions, it can distribute the cool air evenly without any crazy balancing works, Minimum cooling capacity, and it can save initial & running cost because fabric duct is less friction loss so you can use smaller motor with low running current.”


Now we try to help more Malaysian to save instead of wasting Million of Ringgit every year from inefficient Air-Conditioning ducting system.


To get the FREE proposal of FABRIC DUCTING, Click below button. Our engineer will call you shortly.




The FREE Proposal just for those who really concern for REAL COMFORT & Want to make HUGE saving in Air-Conditioning system only.

If you have really urgent need the Help from us, you call us directly at :


Office Tel : 03-55251159

Email : inquiry.prihoda@gmail.com

Facebook : Prihoda Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Whatsapp / Call : 012-8838531 / 012-6141778

Prihoda World Official Website : www.Prihoda.com