5 Roots Cause why your Air-Conditioning system reduce your Profit.

Attention to all building Owner !!!

5 Root Cause why your Air-Conditioning system killing your building operation billing monthly & make you loss in profit.

Eliminate the losses & start increasing your profit by knowing the root cause why your air-conditioning system kill your profit every month.

✔1) Wrong Heat load calculation

Wrong heat load calculation / estimation will be the main reason contribute to waste energy. Most of the project they don’t even have the m&e consultant to calculate the heat load for their building.

Rules of thumb cooling capacity per square foot sometimes give correct value but most of the time is wrong.

Critical heat load calculation is very important for energy saving. Please spend little money to hire consultant or competent person to calculate heat load for your building. It can save alot of your money not just for initial cost but running cost as well.

The cost is alot!!!

Because we are in Malaysia. Our ambient temperature can goes up to 40°C bro..

✔2) Installation problem

Increasing material & labour cost in construction create big impact to our construction industry. This will lead to contractor seeking for altenative to save cost to grab project.

But it dosen’t mean to compromise the quality. Yes as the Building owner you want to have the lowest cost during the tender bidding. But you must to know what exactly the price & what you going to get.

Clear spec & apple to apple price comparision is vital important.

Reallity on the ground in air-conditioning industry, the man who do the installation even don’t know what they are doing. Somtimes just foreigner who don’t have any certificate but they offer cheap labour cost.

They don’t even know the basic of air-conditioning system. Imagine the if they do improper copper piping brazing & vaccumming. Your life span for compressor is less than 2 years and some case less than even 1 year just because of air contaminant & to much carbon in refrigerant curcuit.

Beware of low cost. Sometime good but most of the times is bad to you as building owner.

✔3) Not follow proper operation

Few building in Malaysia install very high end system inverter, magnetic bearing compreasor, VRV, hybrid chiller / air cond or etc.. yes is good. But do the supplier & contractor guide you how to use properly and who is the right people run the system?

Or do you really want your team understand how to use it?

Certain building in reallity, Security guard who is the only person responsible turn ON & OFF the chiller. They don’t even know the basic of the system.

Chiller system can cost about more than a million Ringgit and almost same with the Ferrari price. But the person who run the system don’t have any certificate & competency.

Just wait for the another investment for repairing cost. If you dont trust this, just continue doing that.

✔4) Mindset of no maintenace for saving cost

Imagine you drive your car for 5 years but no service at all..

Same with air-conditioning system. They required proper maintenance. Just follow supplier maintenance recomendation, you will save cost.

Most of mechanical especially moving part, require servicing.

✔5) Mindset for energy saving product.

Yes we all looking for energy saving product to save cost. Few consideration must in mind before purchase the system.

E.g Return on investment, spare part cost, life span, running cost & etc. If you miss that, you will not save cost at all. Just you can help our earth more green because the product less carbon emission.

But for saving money is nothing.


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